Why Vote Republican?

If you vote Democratic because they want to tax the rich more there is something you should know. The rich they want to raise taxes on are the job creators. They are also the people who sell the everyday things we buy. So you don’t worry about them getting taxed at a higher rate because if you are in the lower income bracket it doesn’t affect you but that’s where you are wrong. The rich didn’t get that way from being ignorant about money matters. They will always maintain a healthy bottom line whatever it takes and do well under any administration.

If the Democratic leadership have their way, they will continue to levy higher taxes on the rich which is a very unbalanced and unfair system. In doing so, the rich will have to raise the prices on all their products and services which increases inflation. These costs will be passed down to every American rich and poor but will affect the poor much more than the rich.

Even if you don’t pay taxes, you are paying a lot more than know by the increase in the cost of everything. This makes the money you make not go as far and in essence lowers you to an even more poor status. The rich don’t have to make a choice of if we eat beef tonight we can’t afford to buy gas for the car or diapers for the baby, etc.

For some time now, Republicans have been thrown under the bus because we believe in trickle down economics which says if we give the rich tax breaks, they will pass those breaks down to the consumer in lower prices for their products and services. This is a proven economic process that benefits everyone but Democrats don’t want you to know that because they will lose their voter base. As a matter of fact, it worked so well under Reagan that our economy continued to grow through the Bush Sr. and Clinton administrations.

Republicans want to bring prosperity to everyone so don’t be misled because you are only getting half truths from Democrats. They want you to stay poor because they want to hold you in bondage by offering you comfort in the form of welfare, extended unemployment and other programs instead of fixing our economy so we can create more jobs. They use fear that Republicans will be taking away your benefits but Democrats offer no solution to fixing the economy except to tax the rich more. They count on knee jerk reactions to motivate people to keep them in power.

It’s the same with gun control, every time there is a shooting they push their gun control agenda but don’t focus on the real problem of mental illness. Most people who commit these horrific crimes have mental problems and are are being treated with psychotropic drugs. Motivation by fear is how they maintain their voter base and history proves this.

That is also why they want to approve amnesty which will flood this country with unskilled immigrants who will take what jobs we have left and tax our economy even more. Plus because the black community is in negative population growth, giving amnesty to illegals will most likely shore up their voter base. They also believe that you are not responsible enough to take care of yourself so you need a bigger and bigger government to take care of you.

We Need Change!!

There are many other ways to kick start our economy like energy independence, a simpler more fair tax system and eliminate government waste with accountability. There are a lot of government programs that can be reduced in size or eliminated. Time to cut the fat in government so we can secure our economic future for our children.

Stop being motivated by fear. It’s time to tell them you are well capable of taking care you your own needs. The first responsible thing to do is vote Republican.

“There is no government social entitlement program that will bring people out of poverty”

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