The Only Pro-Life Candidate

not_healthcareI feel I need to address this so people know where I stand. I’ve always stated that I’m pro-life and it’s because of many different reasons. For one, I believe all life is precious and should be celebrated. If you have children and the joy that they bring you on a daily basis you should know what I mean. Not every day is perfect but I wouldn’t trade the good or the bad days for not having that child at all. There’s also my religious convictions that tells me that murder is a sin and it doesn’t matter if you call it choice or women’s healthcare it’s still murder. That innocent child did nothing wrong and doesn’t deserve to die and to think you have that right to kill that child even though it’s legal it’s morally wrong. To play god with the life of a child is evil. And truthfully the majority of women who have went through this are remorseful afterward and the incidences of suicide increase dramatically after a woman has an abortion. There are plenty of other options for birth control that doesn’t involve taking the life of a child.

No Medical Need for 3rd Trimester Abortion

Democratic leadership has stated that many women have had to make a choice of abortion in the third trimester but the facts are that viability is 24 weeks and there is no medical reason for a late-term abortion. They also stated that the constitution doesn’t apply to a child in the womb but then says we must have more gun control to protect the children. Does anyone else see the flaws in their reasoning? So far since Roe v. Wade (which was based on a lie) was enacted, there have been 60 million babies aborted which is genocide. Even the late Norma McCorvey the woman in question in Roe v. Wade has since become pro-life and regrets her decision to pursue abortion rights.  The Declaration of Independence guarantees Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness with Life being first because without life the other two are meaningless.



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