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A collection of my thoughts on current events, common sense and personal beliefs.


I feel I need to address this so people know where I stand. I’ve always stated that I’m pro-life and it’s because of many different reasons. For one, I believe all life is precious and should be celebrated. If you have children and the joy that they bring you on a daily basis you should know what I mean. Not every day is perfect but I wouldn’t trade the good or the bad days for not having that child at all. Read more…


Following My Heart

During the period between 1990 to 1995 I lived in Johnstown, PA in order to be closer to my girlfriend. She had moved there with her parents and eventually became my wife in 1992. Johnstown is one of those places that was a booming coal and steel town but by the 1990’s most of the jobs were gone. Their unemployment rate was almost 30%. Having a good work ethic and a strong history of steady employment I figured I would have no problem finding a good job but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Read more…


All of my life I have been a person who works hard at whatever I do. Even living in Pennsylvania for a short time where unemployment was close to 29% I would work 3 jobs in order to make ends meet. When I moved back to Michigan, I started a web site development business out of my home. If you have ever started a business, you know how hard it is to do especially with no outside help. I was also taking care of my wife and two young children and a disabled mother. Many times my day would start at 6 am and not end until 2 am or later. Read more…


If you vote Democrat because they want to tax the rich more there is something you should know. The rich they want to raise taxes on are the job creators. They are also the people who sell the everyday things we buy. So you don’t worry about them getting taxed at a higher rate because if you are in the lower income bracket it doesn’t affect you but that’s where you are wrong. The rich didn’t get that way from being ignorant about money matters. They will always maintain a healthy bottom line whatever it takes and do well under any administration. Read more…


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