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patriotsMaintain States Rights
I believe in limited government. We should maintain definite lines between state and federal government. The federal government has been doing what the states should be doing thus causing more problems and deficit spending.

Fix Our Infrastructure
Our failing infrastructure needs a desperate overhaul. We need to fix these problems and plan for the future to make sure we are always up to date. A well maintained infrastructure will benefit us in all areas of economic growth and development. A 2017 report gave Michigan a D+, click here to learn more.

Americans Before Illegals
Those who enter this country illegally should be not be given unconditional amnesty and if they wish to be a citizen, they should bring some skill with them and enter through the proper channels, no amnesty for illegals. They should also not be able to get tax breaks or special treatment. Anyone who commits a crime in the U.S. before becoming a citizen forfeits their ability to become a citizen.

Education Reform
Our children are our future and a good education is a must. Education reform should be one of the top priorities we should deal with. More educational opportunities are a must. I believe there is room for both public and charter schools. Also, even though we want the best for our children, not everyone has the desire or the resources to go to college. That being said I think we need to bring back the industrial arts, home economics, and life skills programs back to our schools for those who wish to pursue these types of careers and help prepare them for life outside of their parent’s home. This would allow those who don’t have the desire or the means to go to college an opportunity to graduate high school with a better chance of getting a job other than minimum wage.

Combat High Auto Insurance Rates
Michigan’s auto insurance rates are nearly double the national average. It’s time we rethink our no-fault laws as well as mandatory PIP. There are thousands driving now without insurance because of the high rates. We must make it more affordable for everyone.

More Jobs not Entitlements
I believe in limited entitlements. Those who can work should work. No government program has the ability to allow someone to prosper and was not intended to do so but to be used only as a short-term aid during times of hardship. People need to actively look for and accept any job available until something better comes along. I also support welfare to work legislation.

Work for the People
Special interest groups have way too much influence in government and this needs to be limited or stopped. I believe that all men are created equal and that no group or race should have more say or power in government anymore that anyone else. No group should be able to trample on someone else’s right to get their way. We need reform on lobbying and dark money practices.

More Healthcare Options
We need a better alternative to health care in this country. The ACA was not well planned and because of it costs is causing employers to cut hours or downsize as a result. It has cause many employers to create a 3 day work week in order to not be mandated to offer healthcare. I believe this should be done on a state level without mandates forcing someone to pay for services they will never use. Opening up access to insurance across state line will also drive down cost in the spirit of competition.

Revise Our Tax Code
Taxing the job creators to death will not bring in more revenue but cause companies to downsize or outsource to other countries to keep from hurting their bottom line. Revising our tax system to a more simpler lower tax burden and eliminating tax loopholes will be fair for all is a win-win situation for all. This will allow them to grow and create more jobs which translate to more taxpayers.

NRA Life Member
NRA Life Member

Energy Independence
Being energy independent should be encouraged and this country has the ability to be much more self-sufficient. We should be able to tap the resources that are available to us which are many, without all the restriction that are in place now. Our natural gas, oil, and coal supplies should be used to their full potential. Just about everything is dependent on fossil fuels and if we are able to lower the costs of fuel, everything else will drop in price as well causing inflation to go down or even reverse itself. We must also focus on developing new cleaner forms of energy when the technology is in place. I know this can’t be done overnight for many reasons but we should use what we have until we have the ability to produce cost efficient energy by other means.

I have many more opinions, which many in the Democratic party would disagree with. If you want to know just ask, I have no problem talking about it.

To wrap things up, my goal is to become the next representative in Michigan’s 48th District House Seat in 2018. This country was founded on the principle that an ordinary citizen should have an opportunity to make a difference if they choose to. I know there are many of you out there who feel the same and if you can help me in any way, it would be greatly appreciated.

Allen Hardwick

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