Al Hardwick for State Representative

2018 “We The People” Republican Candidate for Michigan’s 48th District State House

A hard-working small business owner of over 21 years who believes that anyone with drive and a willingness to serve can make a difference. Al Hardwick  represents a new breed of Republicans who align themselves as “Constitutional Conservatives” whose common goal is to put the power back in the hands of the people.

This country needs citizen representatives in all areas of leadership. Those who care about preserving freedom and limiting government in our lives. Who will make it their goal to removing unnecessary burdensome regulations and excess taxes so businesses can grow and create more jobs. Make it possible to utilize our natural resources to their full potential to lower energy costs. Open educational opportunities so the people can better themselves making every generation have a fighting chance to achieve “The American Dream”.  And support a plan to make sure we have the proper resources to repair and maintain our failing infrastructure.

Contribute Online Today!!
Contribute Online Today!!

When elected in 2018, I promise to do my very best to get this state back on the path of growth and prosperity where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.  My goal is a simple one and that is to be a statesman in the tradition of our forefathers whose desire was to serve the citizens with common sense bipartisan representation. If elected my decisions will be solely based upon constitutional guidelines and not by influence from special interest groups, big business or lobbyist.

Thank You for your continued support,
Al Hardwick

It’s time for politicians to work for the people and not special interest groups or big corporations.


Abe Lincoln

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