Not So Affordable Care Act

Obamacare – The Unaffordable Care Act

My Personal Experience With The Obamacare Effect

First of all let me explain a bit about our insurance prior to Obamacare. My wife receives insurance through her work and even though it is expensive, her employer pays two-thirds of the cost. We have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan which was the best choice for my family. We had a ZERO deductible and most everything was covered 100% including out-patient services. Co-pays were low and if we needed to go to the after-hours clinic, it was the same co-pay as our regular doctor.

In 2012 while exercising I developed a hernia and was treated at St. Joseph Hospital as out-patient surgery. The total bill was over $15,000 of which I paid nothing because of it being an out-patient surgery which didn’t require any hospitalization.

Since Obamacare has kicked in, the plan offered to us by BCBS of MI has changed drastically. Now, we have a $500 deductible up from $0, all co-pays have went up 30-70% and any service, and anything other than wellness checkups are paid at a 80-20 rate. This means, if I had to get that same hernia surgery today, my out of pocket would be over $3,000. We also just found out that our after-hours clinic co-pay went from $10 to $35. The experts are now saying to expect a significant rise in premiums in 2017.


Insurance for Every Occasion

It doesn’t end there. In Michigan, because it’s not required for health insurance providers to pay for medical expenses incurred in an automobile accident, it’s required that your auto insurance carrier to provide it.  Obamacare requires that everyone has medical insurance in every situation and therefore, we now pay a higher premium for our auto insurance. Our premium went up 40% and from my understanding, this is cheap from what other pay. So if you work, drive a car and live you need to have insurance for every situation, Work – Workers Compensation, Home – General Medical, Car – PIP Insurance. Where does it end and how is this affordable?

The Three-Day Work Week

Many people are just trying to make it week to week in this economy and putting more financial burdens on them will not lead to greater prosperity. I believe that everyone should have access to affordable health care but not be forced to buy it. We are seeing many predictions from Republicans coming to pass since the ACA went into full effect including what I call the three-day work week. Instead of people getting full time jobs, they are being stuck with jobs that offer only 24 hours a week to keep their employer from paying healthcare.

This is also how Democrats get some of their unemployment figures because many people are now having to take 2 part time jobs just to make ends meet. There are several workable plans out there that are a much better solution than Obamacare but Democrats refuse to do anything since the ACA is Obama’s signature plan.