My Voting Record Vs. Dan Kildee

Technology is a wonderful thing. There is an app you can get for your smartphone called VoteSpotter which allows you to see how your representatives votes and how you would vote and compares if the other constituents agreed with you or your representative. As you can see, I disagree with Rep. Kildee on many things but what it also shows is that a larger majority of his constituents agree with my vote over his which shows he does not properly represent the district.

Proper Representation

When someone is elected for public office they are suppose to represent the majority will of the people. Unfortunately for the 5th district, this shows that Rep. Kildee only represents the establishment Democrat party. It’s time we stop electing people just because of the “D” or “R” after their name and vote in those those will be a true public servant. Another reason to vote Hardwick for Congress. Representing “We The People” in Washington.