Protect Our Second Amendment

secondFor decades, Democrats have been trying to limit the rights of legal gun owners. Bill Clinton brought in the 10 year ban of assault style weapons in 1994 which had a sunset provision which ended in 2004. What they found was no significant reduction in gun crime during that period. These type of weapons only account for less than 1% of all gun crimes.

These so-called assault weapons are only cosmetically similar to the weapons used in war but do not function the same.  Democrats including Hillary Clinton and Rep. Dan Kildee want to reinstate this ban adding even more guns to the list restricting our second amendment rights. The reason is because they look scary and tell the public that civilians should not be able to own weapons of war. Again let me remind you these are only cosmetically similar but do not function the same as a military weapon used in war. If that was the case then they must include muskets – used in the American Revolution, Single Shot Rifles – Used in the Civil War, Pistols and other rifles – used in WW1, WW2 and all wars since. Fully automatic (machine gun) ownership is extremely limited and there are strict laws covering the ownership of these weapons. You must have a completely clean record and be approved by the ATF, pay a $200 tax and only own one that was manufactured before 1986. These guns are also very expensive ranging upwards of $20,000 each. They are classified as fully automatic (many rounds per trigger pull) but Democrats want to ban semi-automatic (one round per trigger pull) weapons because they look like the fully automatic versions.  This is not about gun control, it’s about CONTROL. Just because technology changes it doesn’t mean our rights should.

The True Meaning of the Second Amendment

Many on the left think that it was written for the military because the word ‘militia’ but in that day the militia was any able bodied person who was willing to fight and defend our nation. Also they pull out the word “regulated” and say that the government has the right to regulate what the public can own. Truthfully when this was written the word “regulated” meant in good working order and ready for use. So essentially it was saying that “A good working and ready armed population. being necessary to making sure freedom will never be lost, the rights of the people to keep and carry their arms shall not be infringed”.  Also the Bill of Rights were written to limit the power of the government over the people, why then would they make the Second Amendment only pertain to the military.

A Friend To The Gun Owner

nraRecently I received my NRA rating and was given a AQ which means that according to their questionnaire I am a friend to the legal gun owner. As you can see, Rep. Kildee did not score well which is typical for those who’s goal is to disarm the population. They claim they only want sensible gun regulations but everything they propose only affects legal gun owners and does nothing to deter criminals. If they truly want to make an impact on gun crime, ease up on legal gun owners and focus the laws toward the criminals. How about simple solutions like making those who commit crimes using a gun have a mandatory 10 year sentence without plea bargaining and time off for good behavior on top of the sentence for the crime they committed. I’m sure if that was the case, many would think twice before using a gun. Also there is another fact that they seem to forget and that’s the 10th Amendment which states that if it’s not in the Constitution, it’s up to the states to decide which makes federal gun laws a direct violation to the Constitution.

We must take a stand because this is not the only freedom that Democrats want to remove which is all part of the socialist platform they have adopted. Left unchecked, this will continue to erode our freedoms until there are none left.