Let’s Heal Our Economy

Our federal government has been giving us numbers that is suppose to inspire confidence that our economy is improving. The numbers that they show us are those who have applied and/or are receiving unemployment benefits but do not count those who have exhausted those benefits. Many have now given up and stopped looking for work essentially dropping out of the workforce. To be truthful, they need to show a study of how many have went from unemployment benefits to welfare and count those people as a negative toward the overall health of our economy.

The number of people in the workforce today is lower than it was in 1978. Do you think the population has shrank to 1978 levels? Also, the jobs that are being added are part time employment in large. Those who want to work are seeking more than one part time job to make ends meet. Unless those working get paid more than minimum wage they figure they can make more on government welfare and entitlement programs than working and essentially have went into survival mode. The problem is that once a person goes into that frame of mind, it’s hard to get them out of it. This pattern needs to change.

The task of turning our economy around is not going to be easy. It is going to take both the elected leaders in Washington and also the job creators. There has been a combination of factors that have gotten us to this point and it’s going to take everyone’s help to get us out of it. Right now our government has a mentality to throw money hand and foot at the problem and hopes it goes away. All this is doing is putting us and future generations in so much debt that unless we make drastic changes quickly we will never be able to recover.

1. The first thing that needs to be done is becoming energy independent. Fossil fuels are used in every facet of our lives. From manufacturing, heating our homes and businesses, producing electricity, personal, public and commercial transportation and much more. Get the cost of energy down and the costs of everything else will follow. We need to build the Keystone pipeline and buy fuel from people other than our enemies. There has been many studies performed by our government that shows it will not have a detrimental effect on our environment. We also need to remove the limitation on fracking. This is a time tested proven safe extraction method. This country has the largest natural gas reserve in the world and we need to take advantage of it. We also have more oil than in all of Saudi Arabia but lobbyist are putting so much pressure on our elected officials they are not doing what’s best for the people. This needs to change.

2. Next we need to cut the fat in government. There are many things the feds are doing that should be done on a state level. There are also a lot of departments that either need to be downsized or eliminated all together. Because of all the government over regulations, businesses are paying exuberant amounts of money to operate above and beyond normal operating costs. Sensible regulation is a given but most of the stuff that comes out of Washington doesn’t make sense. All they are concerned with is making more and more money but they continually spend more than they take in. In order to make our government efficient is to downsize and make every department that survives the cuts be held 100% accountable for their actions. Fiscal responsibility is a must. That doesn’t just mean to only spend what they take in but to also pay down the debt.

3. Let’s make it more desirable to keep jobs here in the US over sending them overseas. Getting rid of over regulation is a start but there also has to be more. We should encourage job growth with tax break incentives, new business incentives, expansion incentives and incentives for bringing jobs back to this country. The facts are that if labor participation would grow, that would translate to more taxpayers. That means more revenue that our government needs to operate and pay down out debt would be divided over many more people who would pay less overall. More jobs means lower tax burden for everyone.

With job growth, expanded revenue resources, and smaller more efficient government we can secure the overall health of this nation for generations to come.