Immigration Issue

In 2014 I attended a meeting in Vassar to discuss a proposed illegal immigrant processing center. I also attended a protest about another center in Bay City. Many there were very opposed to this. The problem is that many residents are concerned that these boys could be members of the MS-13 gangs for one. Another concern is they could bring into the community other problems such as diseases or other illnesses that have been wiped out here in America. This has already been show in other centers across the US. There is also a security concern within the community as well. Just one day before the Vassar meeting, the current congressman for the 5th district Dan Kildee stated he didn’t believe there were plans for a immigration center within the district.

This is a real problem that needs to be addressed quickly. We have the humanitarian side that says we must help these people because that’s what American’s do and we have the law that say’s there is a path to citizenship. American’s have always shown through as humanitarians but mostly by their own free will as individuals. We now have an administration who is telling us it’s out duty and we have no choice in the matter which is a direct violation of our laws. This administration wants unconditional amnesty for these people but refuses to address the problem of Christian persecution going on all over the world which by our laws qualifies as people who could get asylum. You have to remember that these people do not qualify for asylum under our laws because they are not fleeing from political persecution. I’m sure they want a better life in the land of opportunity but they must do it properly just as those who have done it in times past.

“A truck driver entering the US in Texas gets the straight scoop from the border guard.”

Since we are a nation of laws and not of men we should follow the letter of the law. We need to send a hard message to these nations and secure our borders. This weakness at our borders could allow more terrorist in our country to destroy it from within. The people coming across by most part have no proof of age or identity and could be and probably are some of the largest carriers of illegal drugs into this country. This problem opens up many more problems we will be dealing with very soon. For those who have already been let in, tend to their immediate needs first. Then, we need to make arrangements to send these people back to their home countries and if they want to become citizens they must go through the proper channels. With so many of our own people not working or on some type of assistance program, flooding this country with more and more people will only make the problem worse for all of us in many ways.

This nation is already at a crucial point in our economy and cannot handle much more strain. We have our veterans on waiting lists to be seen and many are dying before they can be treated. The amount of people on some type of assistance is staggering. Even many families of servicemen are on food stamps while living on base. Sometimes hard decisions need to be made to better the general welfare of this country. This doesn’t mean get more people on public assistance but to make a way for job growth so people can be self sufficient. No one wants to say America is officially closed but in our current financial crisis we need to take care of our own before we take on more problems of the world. There are many ways to accomplish this but unless we get good people in office who are willing to stand for the people, this won’t happen.