Federal Vs. States

Separation of Duties and Responsibilities

One of the main problems we have right now is overlapping government control. There are clear cut definitions between federal and state responsibilities. Our federal government is spending extreme amounts of money on programs that should be each states responsibility. Healthcare or the ACA is one good example and common core is another. This administration more than ever has a one shoe fits all mentality. They believe that they can make all laws and programs that work in every situation. In the process, they are walking over the rights of many to secure the rights of a few. States rights are being diminished along with the rights of the people. They are doing this under the guise of fairness to all but in reality all it amounts to is control at the federal level.

Programs like health care, education, criminal justice, elections and marriage laws have been and should remain in state control. This administration perverting the constitution which was meant to protect our rights to overstep the will of the people and extend their reach over states rights. The reason our government was setup the way it was is because the founders knew that the job of the federal government was to protect the nation in general as a whole while state governments allowed the people to govern themselves in smaller groups that would benefit the needs of the people based on the area they lived. In many cases they are using the court system to establish a precedence in civil cases and making it the law of the land which is not the job of the courts.

It’s time that the states rights and the will of the people are honored. We must let the courts and the federal government know that this is a government of the people, by the people, for the people and it must always stay that way. We do this by voting out those who are all about the establishment and not the best interest of the people they are suppose to represent. Sure they talk a good game but their voting record is public knowledge.

Too many of today’s politicians are not there for the right reasons and they can’t relate to problems of the real people. A vote for Allen Hardwick for Congress will ensure you will have a true public servant who will strive to do the will of the people with common sense and not be a mouthpiece for big business, lobbyist or special interest groups. Re-electing the same people expecting different results just doesn’t make sense.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein”